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SouthLake Christian partners with local food service vendors that offers a variety of options for lunches. 

The lunch program begins on Monday, August 19th. For the first three days of school, all students are required to bring their own lunch. However, drinks and snacks will be available for purchase during this time. The online menu will be accessible from the 10th to the 20th of every month, except for August, when orders will be accepted from July 20th to July 30th. Throughout the school year, a reminder will be sent to families to notify when the system is open for ordering and it will remain open for a span of 10 days, allowing ample time to place your order.


Orgs Online

If you used the online system last year, your email login and password will remain unchanged. In case you have trouble remembering your password, you can request a new one on the login screen. Your child's grade and/or teacher information will be updated by the administration. Please ensure that any changes in your account information such as email address, bank account, phone number, etc., are updated accordingly.  



Online orders for lunches start at $5.50 each, excluding drinks. Additional meals can be bought either by cash or with pre-paid credits, and are priced at $8.00.


Cash or Pre-Purchased Credits

Parents can choose to buy meal credits for their child in advance via the online lunch system or by writing a check to SouthLake Christian Academy. These credits will be utilized through the student’s ID card. Credit cards are not accepted for buying lunch, snacks, or beverages.


Available Items for Purchase

Student mays purchase the items below using their pre-purchased credits:
  • Snacks (chips, crackers, trail mix, packaged cookies, etc.)      $0.25 to $1.00
  • Ice Cream (various bars, cups, sandwiches, etc.)                      $0.75
  • White & Chocolate Milk                                                                 $0.50                             
  • Bottled Water                                                                                  $1.00


Missed Lunch

Unfortunately, because of our vendor agreements, we cannot provide refunds for missed or cancelled lunches. If you wish to collect the ordered lunch or send it to a sibling or friend, please email the Lunchroom by 10 a.m. on the same day with the relevant details. Refunds and cancellations are only available for planned field trips or school closures due to bad weather.


New Families

For families new to SouthLake Christian, please visit and select "Create New Account," then follow the provided step-by-step instructions. Use the school code 19slakenc.


Parent Volunteers

We need your assistance! To successfully continue offering lunches to our children, we are seeking volunteers to help with lunch distribution. Volunteers will assist students of all grades in Hampton Hall (we require 4-5 volunteers each day from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM). If you are interested in lending a hand, please contact the lunch coordinators at Our success is due to your support, and we cannot sustain this program without you. Volunteering in the lunchroom is an excellent way to remain engaged with SouthLake Christian, get to know our students, and meet other parents.


Placing Orders

  1. Go to
  2. NEW students: “Create New Account” and follow the step-by-step directions.  Our School Code is 19slakenc.
  3. EXISTING students: Enter your email address and password then hit “Submit” to enter the system; same as last year.
  4. “Click Here to Access the Lunch System”
  5. On the left side of the Lunch Accounts Home Page, you will find various options related to your student's Lunch Account, such as View Amount Due, View Orders, View Payments, Place Lunch Order, and more.

  6. Please remember to add any NEW STUDENTS prior to placing an order.
  7. A Message Board will display crucial updates about lunches, field trips, and other events. Make sure to review the information on the Message Board before placing your order.

  8. A separate order must be placed for each child.  When the online menu opens, select “Place Order” and then make your selections.
  9. After completing your order, be sure to review and confirm it. It's essential to process each order until the confirmation page appears, as the system only records orders that reach this stage. For every child's order you place, an email confirmation will be sent to you. You have the option to modify your order up until the system closes. Orders are finalized only upon receipt of payment. Unpaid orders may be canceled.

  10. You can now make payments online for added ease and convenience. This feature allows you to pay via electronic check through our third-party payment service (note that credit cards are not accepted). Once you've confirmed your orders, select the "Pay now" option, enter your account details and the total amount owed. You also have the option to pay more than the amount due, with any extra funds being available for your students to use at the snack counter. This is a one-time payment for each ordering period, and while your account information will be stored, it does not function as an automatic draft system. Each ordering period, you must manually select the "Pay now" option to complete your payment. Please note, a convenience fee of $1.35 will be applied if you choose to pay online.

  11. Checks can be made payable to SouthLake Christian Academy; include child’s/children’s names, grades, and “Lunch” on the memo line.


Lunch Coordinators

Jennifer Capps
Lead Coordinator
(704) 701-4398
Amber Lantz
Assistant Lunch Coordinator
(805) 587-1193
Randi Lang 
Assistant Lunch Coordinator
(336) 972-4240