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Worship plays a pivotal role in SouthLake Christians' holistic development of students, integrating spiritual growth with academic excellence and personal development.

The holistic approach to education is rooted in the belief that nurturing a child’s faith is as crucial as fostering their intellectual capabilities. In such educational institutions, worship is not merely an addition to the curriculum but is woven into the daily routines and practices of the school community, reflecting a commitment to the spiritual formation of young individuals.

The intention to cultivate a deep, personal relationship between the students and their faith. This objective is achieved through various means, including daily or weekly chapel services, scripture readings, prayer sessions, and religious studies classes. These practices provide students with regular opportunities for reflection, prayer, and connection with their faith, encouraging them to explore and understand their spiritual beliefs as they grow. opportunity to worship the triune God as a community. We offer our praise to God through singing, hearing and listening to His Word read and preached, and responding to it through prayer and thanksgiving. As part of our educational program, chapel services are offered in JK-12.

Worship often extends beyond traditional religious observances. It encompasses acts of service, community building, and the promotion of moral values such as compassion, integrity, and respect for others. This comprehensive approach underscores the belief that worship is not confined to specific rituals or ceremonies but is expressed through one’s actions and interactions with others. Through community service projects, outreach programs, and mission trips, students are encouraged to live out their faith in practical ways, serving as a testament to the values they cherish.

Worship Leadership and Music

Hannah Dillard
Worship Leadership and Music

Hannah Belvin is a 2019 graduate of SouthLake Christian Academy and is excited to be back as SouthLake's Worship Leadership and Music teacher. She led worship at SouthLake's Wednesday chapels in high school and is honored to be back pouring into the same ministry that poured into her when she was a teenager. She is also the Worship Leader at Mission City Church in Charlotte, NC. Hannah graduated from Anderson University with a Bachelor's Degree in Worship Leadership. Her personal mission statement is "leading others to respond to the greatness and the glory of God through life, love, and music," and that is what she strives to do everyday.

Senior Chapel - 2024

Missions Week - 2024