Student Mission Fellowship

Student Missions Fellowship is a wonderful opportunity for the high school students to help lead and staff various mission projects in which the entire school can take part. The mission of SMF is to be a light for Christ on our campus and in our community. With oversight from our high school faculty, SMF elects officers and organizes teams of students who lead the school in our annual Missions Week and other outreach opportunities.

In the past, the SMF has assisted in raising $45,000 for a new van for the orphanage our senior class visits in the mountains of Peru. This van will enable the orphanage to transport their high school students to school and to apprenticeship opportunities in the nearby village of Yungay, Peru.

In the spring of 2015, the SMF led a program to purchase tents for Christian refugees in northern Iraq. Students were educated on the suffering and persecution of these Christians and spent their time in prayer and raising money to purchase tents for relief. With thanks to God, we sent a check for $11,439 to Barnabas Aid for the provision of shelter in northern Iraq. Students were given the opportunity to have real Solidarity with Sawra (Arabic for “hope”), as they camped out in tents on campus in the 45 degree rain.