Missions Opportunities


SouthLake celebrates 20 years of Mission Work in 2022!  

What we do is intrinsically tied to who we are. SouthLake Christian Academy is the body of Christ gathered under the commissioning of Christ and His Church (SouthLake Presbyterian Church). The Academy, as the body of Christ, will worship together (chapel), pray together (at all times in a variety of contexts), build one another up in fellowship centered around the Word of God (Bible class, Chapel, and school retreats) and reach out into our surrounding community (Missions and Outreach).


The purpose and motivation for outreach into our community is a direct reflection of our identity in Jesus Christ. Having been called by God into fellowship with His Son, justified freely by faith alone, we realize our new identity in Christ as new creations and work out our salvation in fear and trembling, bringing glory to God in doing those good works He prepared in advance for us to do.

Accordingly, our identity in Christ entails our citizenship in his Kingdom, which is advancing in this world. Jesus’ announcement of the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven was followed with miracles of healing and the forgiveness of sins. This pattern of word and deed, which we call “outreach,” is the pattern in which He sent His disciples.

Love compels us to fulfill The Great Commission and bring glory to God by our labors for His Kingdom. Therefore, it is the joy of the church redeemed in Jesus Christ, for purposes beyond which we can imagine, to reach out to surrounding communities and beyond with the light of the gospel and the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Mission Week

Missions Week is a highlight at SouthLake Christian. Each spring the school comes together for chapel services centered on a missional theme. The primary goal is to educate our students in the work of mission around the world and then to enlist their help and support.

In the past we have raised awareness and support for local and international missions including residents of Caterpillar Ministries in Huntersville, NC,  persecuted Christians in Northern Iraq, and Haitian families needing relief from the earthquake. Lower School students participate in The Parade of Nations. Upper school students also visit elementary classrooms where together they explore the work of the Gospel in the world.

2022 Mission's Week will focus on 20 years of Missions.  Students will learn about all the great service work done by the students before them and will hear directly from individuals who experienced each mission trip.

Senior Trip: Peru/Texas

The senior class participates in a pre-commencement missions trip.  Prior to Covid, students traveled to Peru, South America each spring where they enjoyed the many cultural highlights of Peru while partnering with Scripture Union ministries to help build homes and schools for orphans. This annual trip began in 2005, and it has been a great blessing to the seniors to anticipate continuing the work that the classes in front of them began. SouthLake's partnership with Scripture Union has blessed hundreds of our graduates and has resulted in tremendous growth in their ability to care for orphans in Peru and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Due to Pandemic restrictions, seniors have been unable to travel to Peru since Spring of 2020. As a result, the students have partnered with a domestic organization called Border Perceptive (https://www.borderperspective.org/) as well as a local church ministry in Texas. SouthLake seniors serve the local immigrant population in McAllen, TX., in the following ways:

  • Construction – The church recently moved into a permanent home which used to be a Boys and Girls club.  The building is in need of repairs and painting.  We also may divide up and help the church members on their homes.
  • Food Bank – Within McAllen there exists a strong ecumenical community.  The church often helps at a Catholic Charities organization with food distribution, clothes sorting, and various other tasks.  T
  • Border Supplies – A team of volunteers from the church travel across the Mexican border carrying supplies to those waiting to enter the US.  Teams will help pack bags of supplies for the volunteers to bring to those in need.


Wingspan is a strategic approach to Grade Level Outreach at SouthLake Christian. As a demonstration of the love of God for all people, the students and faculty of SouthLake Christian Academy seek to reach out into our community in word and deed through local partnerships. “Wingspan” connects each of our grade levels with the following ministries:

Lower School Service

  • JK – Old Knox Commons Nursing Home
  • K – Total Living Center Nursing Home
  • 1st – Wexford House Nursing Home
  • 2nd – Angels and Sparrows
  • 3rd – Autumn Care Nursing Center
  • 4th – East Lincoln Christian Ministries, Caterpillar Ministries                             All Lower School grades participate in Operation Christmas Child

Middle School Service                                          

  • Caterpillar Ministries
    • Christmas Store Toy Drive
    • Happy Birthday Jesus Gift Bags
    • Father/Daughter Fundraiser Dance

Upper School Service

  • Caterpillar Ministries
    • Around the World Fundraiser for Chromebooks for kids
    • Toy Drive for Caterpillar Christmas Store
    • Coordinating Happy Birthday Jesus Gift Bags
    • Giving Tree Fundraiser
    • Tutoring
    • Food drive                                                                        
    • Father-Daughter Dance Fundraiser
    • Valentines Candy-Grams Fundraiser
  • Operation Christmas Child
    • Volunteering at Distribution Center
    • Shoebox Packing Party with Lower School
  • Hoops for Hope Shoe Collection                                                                        
  • Mission Week
  • 10th Grade Mission Trip
  • 12th Grade Mission Trip
Freshmen Service Projects

The ninth-graders participate in local service projects during our annual Week of Service in November. Ninth-graders serve local ministries like East Lincoln Christian Ministries or Habitat for Humanity, and perform repairs and do yard work for local widows. Our freshmen benefit from the hard work and the relationships they make with widows and others in need in our local community.