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Spiritual Life

Christian education is distinct from a secular education in that the highest, ultimate knowledge is knowledge of God. To hold any true knowledge of what He has made is to know Him first as author and sustainer of all creation. Therefore, true knowledge and true worship are closely related. This is especially true in understanding the life of persons, male and female persons made in the image of God, and for His glory.

One way to acknowledge this distinction in Christian education is to advocate the inner life of our students, their spiritual life, if you will. At SouthLake Christian Academy we seek to do this in prioritizing worship, emphasizing relationships and engaging in local outreach.

Into this environment we welcome every student and pray that they, with humility and thanksgiving to God, will bear the fruit of true knowledge of God for the purpose of His glory and mission!

“We are not highly religious.  What our children learn is solely from school. The other day my daughter asked if she could buy a new Bible because hers was a bit beat up.  When it came, I noticed it stayed by her bedside. While we were hanging out in her room last night and I asked why her Bible was sitting on her nightstand.  Her eyes lit up, and she excitedly leaned over and reached for her Bible.  She said, ‘look Mom. It came with blank lines in the margins.  I decided to keep it at home so when I’m feeling down, I can read a bit and take notes.  It makes me feel happy again’. Her bible was highlighted, and notes were taken.  You all have made a difference in her life.”  Upper School SLCA Parent

The vision of Southlake Christian Academy is that Christ may be preeminent in all things.