Visual Arts

Visual arts communicate about culture, society and history and give purpose to learning; they provide tools for interpreting life's experiences and help students understand the importance and influence of artistic expression.

Younger students begin to explore their own creative sense while studying the foundations of visual art in weekly art classes in our Art Studio. As our students mature, emphasis is placed on artistic excellence and enjoyment. In middle school, students begin to study the foundations of specific art forms and mediums, while high school students study more complex forms and mediums while learning how visual art can communicate spiritual and secular ideas and expressions. An emphasis is placed on creative problem-solving skills by looking at individual parts as they relate to the piece as a whole. These artistic skills translate to all aspects of life.

Our student artwork is proudly displayed on the walls of the school buildings as well as in Gallery Crawls hosted by the Art Department throughout the year. Students also have the opportunity to display their artistic talents at selected art shows and by working on sets for the annual high school drama production.