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Visual Arts

Visual arts communicate about culture, society and history and give purpose to learning; they provide tools for interpreting life's experiences and help students understand the importance and influence of artistic expression.

Younger students are introduced to the foundations of visual arts and a variety of media. As students mature into upper elementary and middle school, emphasis is place on sharpening skills, excellence in outcomes, and focused attention to detail. In high school, students study more complex forms while learning how visual art can communicate spiritual and secular ideas and expressions. At the heart of visual arts, is the enjoyment in creating new pieces, trying new mediums and creative expression. An emphasis is placed on creative problem-solving skills by looking at individual parts as they relate to the piece as a whole. These artistic skills translate to all aspects of life.

Our student artwork is proudly displayed on the walls of the school buildings as well as in Gallery Crawls hosted by the Art Department throughout the year. Students also have the opportunity to display their artistic talents at selected art shows and by working on sets for the annual high school drama production.


Lower School 

  • Art education at SouthLake encourages creativity and self-expression through various artistic mediums.
  • Our art program includes:
  • Creative Expression: Opportunities for students to explore their creativity through drawing,
  • painting, sculpture, and more.
  • Artistic Techniques: Instruction in basic art techniques and principles.
  • Art Appreciation: Learning about famous artists and different art styles.


Middle School 

Art classes encourage creativity and self-expression through various media and techniques, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital art. Students learn about art history, elements of art, and principles of design. The art program provides opportunities for students to showcase their work in school exhibitions and contests.


Upper School 

While continuing to build on their previous years of learning in music, visual arts, and theater, Upper School students gain broader exposure to a wide range of arts including graphic design, photography, engineering, and theater. Regardless of their future paths, the arts cultivate communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity, equipping them with 21st-century skills that enable them to thrive in their schools, communities, and professional lives. We believe that a well-rounded education includes opportunities for creative expression, physical activity, and leadership development. Our elective courses provide a platform for students to discover their talents and passions. 


Elective Offerings

  • Art Foundations
  • Basic Acrylic Painting
  • Basic Drawing