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We view music as both an art form and a means of expressing gratitude. Our music program emphasizes achieving excellence in both the journey and the final performance. We are dedicated to fostering your musical talent, self-assurance, expressive abilities, and a passion for using your skills to benefit others.

At SouthLake Christian, our music/choral classes helps students further their love of singing while developing confidence and musical expression. With a solid foundation from lower school, students progress into middle and upper school choral groups, eager to achieve excellence in vocal techniques, musicality, as well as solo and group performances. By performing several times annually both on and off campus and taking part in regional festivals and honors ensembles, choral students discover their potential to influence culture for Christ through music.
Music education at SouthLake allows students to explore their musical talents and develop an appreciation for the arts. Our music program features:

Lower School 

  • Musical Foundations: Introduction to basic music theory, rhythm, and melody.
  • Instrument Exploration: Opportunities for students to experience playing different instruments.
  • Performance Opportunities: School concerts and performances that build confidence and
  • showcase student talent.


Middle School 

Choir classes proved students with the opportunity to develop their vocal skills and musicality. Students learn more about vocal techniques, music theory, and choral literature from various genres and cultures. The choir performs in school concerts and community events, fostering teamwork and a love for music.


Upper School 

Elective Offerings

  • Concert Choir I-IV