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SouthLake Christian band/orchestra program program offers multiple opportunities for students of all skill levels to explore and advance their artistry on wind and percussion instruments

Starting with introductory classes in fifth grade and advancing to a proficient upper school band/orchestra program, the SouthLake Christian band program presents numerous chances for students of various skill levels to develop and enhance their talent on wind and percussion instruments. With performances occurring several times annually both on and off campus, and participation in regional festivals and honors ensembles, the band program offers students a diverse array of experiences to nurture their musical abilities and make a cultural impact for Christ.
Starting in fifth grade, the orchestra program focuses on perfecting string skills, music reading, and overall musicianship. This education helps students become confident and proficient young individuals who grasp how each person in the body of Christ collaborates to create something much greater than themselves. Orchestra members frequently perform at school, within the community, and in prestigious ensembles across the area, using their music to influence the culture for Christ.

Lower School 

  • Musical Foundations: Introduction to basic music theory, rhythm, and melody.
  • Instrument Exploration: Opportunities for students to experience playing different instruments.
  • Performance Opportunities: School concerts and performances that build confidence and showcase student talent.


Middle School 

Band classes introduce students to playing wind, brass, and percussion instruments. Students learn to read music, understand rhythms, and develop their instrumental techniques. The band performs in concerts and competitions, promoting discipline, cooperation, and a sense of achievement.

Orchestra classes focus on string instruments, including violin, viola, cello, and bass. Students receive instruction in technique, music reading, and ensemble playing. The orchestra performs in various school and community events, encouraging dedication and a passion for classical music.


Upper School 

Elective Offerings

  • Chapel Band I-IV

  • Symphonic Band I-IV