Lower School Student Life

ACSI Math Olympics

Math Olympics is an annual event for students in Grades 3-8. The objectives of Math Olympics are to stimulate an interest in mathematics, recognize the achievements of students in mathematics, and provide opportunity to meet and fellowship with other mathematically oriented students. SouthLake sends two students in each grade level for the Computation competition and two students at each grade level for the Reasoning competition.

ACSI Creative Writing Festival

The Creative Writing Festival is an annual event for students in Grades 4-12. The objectives of the Creative Writing festival are to provide an opportunity for students to develop and enhance creative writing abilities and skills, share their best written work with others, and have their best written works evaluated.

ACSI Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee is an annual event for students in Grades 4-8. The Spelling Bee is held under the regulations of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The winner of the annual SouthLake Spelling Bee, held in January, continues on to the Regional Independent School Spelling Bee. The winners have the chance to continue on and compete in the National Spelling Bee.

Reading Eagles: Accelerated Reading Program

The Reading Eagles Program (Accelerated Reading) is structured to motivate students to read. The 2nd - 6th grade program runs from the end of October through March, while 1st grade participation begins in January. Students choose a book from the Reading Eagles site within their reading level range, read the book, and then take the computerized comprehension test. Prizes are awarded monthly as students reach various point levels. The point levels are used to challenge and motivate students to read. SouthLake’s Reading Eagles now has access to over 100,000 book titles!

Math Superstars

Elementary students who seek an additional math challenge will enjoy participating in Math Superstars each week. These worksheets provide grade-level appropriate challenge problems to supplement the regular math curriculum. Students have the option of completing some or all of the worksheet each week in order to achieve points. Prizes are awarded to students as they achieve point levels.

Chess Club

Chess Club is an after school club that is staffed by parent volunteers.