Parent Involvement

Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

Parent Teacher Fellowship is an organization designed to encourage Parent participation in supporting the mission and ministry of SouthLake Christian Academy. The PTF functions as the extra hands of caring to help with all the extra-curricular functions of the school:

Lunch Program
Room Mothers
Book Fairs
Fall Festival
Teacher Appreciation Week

If you are interested in volunteering with PTF or would like more information, contact PTF President Tracy Helms at

Parent Teacher Initiative (PTI)

In 2014, the Parent Teacher Initiative was formed to encourage and coordinate parent input into the administrative functions of SouthLake Christian Academy. This organization allows for input committees at each level of the school:

JK-2nd Grade level
3rd-5th Grade level
6th-8th Grade level
9th-12th Grade level

These PTI committees each include three elected parents and one elected faculty representative. They meet at least quarterly to bring forth issues and solutions that enhance the community at SouthLake Christian Academy.

Prayer Partners

The Prayer Partners Ministry seeks to connect, through prayer, the parents and students in grades JK-6. This is an opportunity for parents, and even grandparents, to pray for each child and teacher individually. Each Prayer Partner commits to pray for individual students after receiving the requests each week.

  • A heart that loves the Lord and believes that He hears our every prayer, through our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • A commitment to pray for your student partner(s) once a week, upon receiving their personal prayer requests.
For more information or to sign up, please contact:
  • JK-1: Jeanie Mason (
  • 2nd-4: Jennifer Garcia or Tina Smith ( or
  • 5th-6: Susan Waters (

“The teachers at SouthLake are some of the most supportive, giving people that I have had the pleasure to know. They are a wonderful resource for me and genuinely care about my children. There is not a finer group of educators anywhere.”
- Kelly VanWingerden