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Most clubs are designed for Upper School students, with 30+ clubs to choose from. Most of these clubs are student-initiated and student-run, and because students decide what matters to them, no year is exactly the same.

Upper School students can join clubs that align with their interests, athleticism, or academic studies. All provide a structure for students to share ideas, practice independence, bond with peers, engage in activities together, and have fun. All clubs also have a faculty or staff advisor to support them throughout the year.

The Middle and Lower Schools have a selection of clubs that students can attend based on their interest during the school day.

Lower School Clubs & Organizations

Here at SouthLake Christian, we desire for our students to learn in an environment that is welcoming, safe, encouraging and inspired. We strive to provide opportunities inside and outside the classroom that challenge our students to achieve to their God given ability.

Middle School Clubs & Organizations

For Middle Schoolers, there are a handful of clubs and athletic organizations that students can participate during the school day and after school.

Upper School Clubs & Organizations

At SouthLake Christian, Upper School students have the opportunity to join a variety of clubs and organizations. The school provides students with the opportunity to participate in clubs based on their interests, athletic abilities, and academic studies to have a rich extracurricular experience.