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Strength & Conditioning

The SouthLake Christian Athletics Department strives to offer opportunities for athletes to increase their strength, speed and agility in order to improve the athlete's level of play and decrease injuries. Strength and conditioning workouts are conducted in our weight room and fields and are open to all student athletes. Sessions are conducted by trained coaches. For the latest workouts, see the schedule to the right.

The SouthLake Christian Athletics Department believes that the health and safety of our athletes is of greatest importance. In order to keep our athletes competing safely, we have partnered with Novant Health to provide access to top notch Athletic Trainers and team doctors for our sports teams.

Novant Health Lakeside Sports Medicine provides a trainer who works exclusively with SouthLake Christian athletes. Trainer Sarah Brown understands that it is the goal of our athletic program to teach the values of sportsmanship, discipline, team building and athletic success. In addition, we have partnered with Novant Health's Orthopedics and Sports Medicine North to form a comprehensive medical team for SouthLake Christian Academy Athletics.

Concussion Protocols

The Athletic Training Staff is very careful to educate and evaluate our athletes on the importance of understanding concussions. Athletes undergo a careful training to educate them on the necessity of reporting any type of head injury, even if it seems to be an insignificant bump.

SouthLake Christian has also instituted the ImPACT testing system, which sets the standard for baseline and post-injury neurocognitive testing. Each athlete undergoes an individualized computer-based testing program expertly designed to manage sport-related concussions. ImPACT testing baselines help in the management of concussions and the determination of an athlete returning to the field of play. In addition, all athletes and their parents must understand the importance of reporting head injuries. All athletic participants must read and sign the Concussion Statement.

concussion statement