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Eagles Club

Our Vision
SouthLake Christian Academy Eagle Club is a vibrant, growing, supportive and enthusiastic group of volunteers assisting SouthLake Christian Academy with the building of the finest athletic program in the community for the purpose of reaching our student athletes for Christ and to teach them the ways of Christ-like behavior such as: obedience, teamwork, sacrifice, humility, and other critical life lessons necessary for their development into well-rounded, successful, contributing Christian adults.
Our Mission
The Eagle Club will support SouthLake Christian Academy programs through fund raising, continuously working to expand its membership, and provide support for game day activities. In addition, the Athletic Eagle Club will actively engage all stakeholders of SouthLake Christian Academy athletics to identify and implement activities that will build both spirit and a servant's heart within our club, our school, and our community.
Our Values
All Eagle Club activities will be conducted in a manner consistent with the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Call To Action
We will engage volunteers as Servant Leaders in the example of Jesus Christ, leading parents and student athletes to align with the Vision and Mission of the organization for the betterment of the SLCA athletics department.

We will support the administration in its values, beliefs, policies and procedures, in its pursuit of excellence in the four pillars of Faith, Academics, Fine Arts, and Athletics.

We will be motivated; incorporate feedback; attract qualified people; practice critical thought; and act decisively; for the greater good of SouthLake Christian Academy; giving all the glory to God.


  • Attract people to serve in the Eagle Club
  • Fundraise to expand or improve athletic facilities
  • Fundraise to recruit, attract, and retain qualified coaches
  • Fundraise to support the expanding needs all sports programs
  • Enhance school spirit through events, programs, and merchandise sales
  • Provide logistical and operational support for events
  • Provide ongoing assistance to our coaches, the athletic staffers, and athletic director
  • Engage student athletes and their families and share program participation expectations
  • Provide an enjoyable spectator experience for fans that exemplifies the values and beliefs of SLCA
  • Ensure that our student athletes have coaches that embody the Christ-like behavior and mentorship consistent with the Academy’s values and beliefs
  • Ensure that the Eagle Club allocates it’s resources with a fairness across all sports without favoring one sport over another to ensure all programs are adequately supported


A Message From The Athletic Director

Thank you for supporting our student athletes. Our goal is to build up these young people into competent, confident, and high character Christian adults. We hold ourselves accountable to the Vision, Mission, and Values Statements that I hope you will review.

The Eagle Club's call to action includes engaging volunteers as servant leaders in the example of Jesus Christ, leading parents and student-athletes to align with the vision, mission, and values of the organization.

Join me, and this talented, hardworking group, in supporting our student-athletes and coaches with top notch facilities, training, and equipment as they compete and learn important life lessons on and off the playing field.

In Christ,

Joe Haney