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Maddie Alexanian (Class of 2019)

Maddie Alexanian was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship to teach English in Spain for a year. After her experience assisting in an English classroom while studying abroad in Spain, she knew she wanted to seek out other opportunities to continue teaching and developing her Spanish language skills. "I am graduating with majors in Psychology and Spanish with a minor in Education, so spending a year in the classroom before beginning graduate studies for school psychology seemed like a great option! From the moment I attended my first information session for the Fulbright program, I knew it was an opportunity I wanted to pursue."  

"My grant year will be spent in Galicia, Spain working as an English teaching assistant. During my grant year, I look forward to preparing lessons integrating aspects American culture. I represent a unique subset of American culture as an Armenian-American southerner whose family has roots in Mexico and Cuba! I am excited to share my personal culture with my students as well as the diversity of cultures that exist within different regions of the United States. I also plan to host reading-centered initiatives in my host school and city, be that through organizing school-wide reading festivals or partnering with community libraries to bring books to community members. I can’t wait to immerse myself in Spanish and Galician culture while also representing my home country. My experiences as a student at Southlake and Wake Forest have provided me with the skills that made this dream of mine become a reality!"