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Welcome, Eagles Alumni!

Over 1000 members strong since our first graduating class in 2003, SouthLake alumni are engaged, active members of the school community. Over 30-40% attend reunion events each year, they support The SouthLake Fund and other important financial needs of the school.

We continue to strive to keep strong connections with our alumni as well as we hope to bring back fond memories of their time at our esteemed institution. In celebration of the past and the connections we’ve built, we are excited to introduce our new initiative: “Alumni Spotlight."

We believe that the experiences and achievements of our alumni are an integral part of our institution’s legacy. Through these profiles, we aim to showcase the diverse paths our alumni have taken since their time here, highlighting their accomplishments, personal growth, and contributions to their respective fields.

Alumni spotlights will be a feature that focuses on the remarkable journeys our alumni have embarked upon after graduation. We will highlight their professional achievements, community involvement, entrepreneurial endeavors, and any other noteworthy accomplishments. We will post on our social media platforms, as this will allow us to celebrate their success and inspire current students and fellow alumni alike. 

Renunion Information

With great pride and enthusiasm for our alma mater, the SLCA Alumni Association would like to welcome, congratulate, and thank you for planning your class reunion! Each year SLCA we would like to welcome back 4 classes for their 5, 10, 15, & 20 year reunions. Each class is unique to its class, but many of the logistics are the same. 

Reunion Planning Guide May 2023 – 1st Edition

Any questions, please contact our Alumni Coordinator, Danielle Handlogten.

Class Notes Submissions

We love to keep up-to-date with our alumni! Please submit any life changes, updates and details that you wish to share, we'd love to get out to fellow alumni (Class Notes Submission)!

For weddings, please include your spouse's name, date and location, any SouthLake attendees, and class years if applicable.
For the birth of a baby, please include the child's name and birthdate, siblings.
For a career move or business venture, please include your title and the company name and location.
For a higher education accomplishment, please include the specific degree and college/university.
For an award or honor, please include the specific name and sponsoring organization.

Questions? Contact [Danielle Handlogten, Upper School Teacher / Alumni Communications, at].

Meet Our Alumni

We are thrilled to share with you the accomplishments of our fellow alumni. We believe it is important to celebrate the successes and journeys of our alumni community, as it serves as an inspiration to current students and a testament to the quality of education and experiences provided by our institution. Here are some highlights of our alumni achievements and where they are now:

1000+ SouthLake Alumni


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# Alumni in the Charlotte Area

3 Alumni Who are Also SouthLake Parents

4 Alumni Currently Employed at SouthLake

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