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SouthLake Christian Academy

Welcome, Eagles Alumni!


Over 1000 members strong since our first graduating class in 2003, SouthLake alumni are engaged, active members of the school community. Over 30-40% attend reunion events each year, they support The SouthLake Fund and other important financial needs of the school. We welcome you to stay involved - read below to find out how!

Class Notes Submissions

We love to keep up-to-date with our alumni! Please submit any life changes, updates and details that you wish to share, we'd love to get out to fellow alumni (Class Notes Submission)!

For weddings, please include your spouse's name, date and location, any SouthLake attendees, and class years if applicable.
For the birth of a baby, please include the child's name and birthdate, siblings.
For a career move or business venture, please include your title and the company name and location.
For a higher education accomplishment, please include the specific degree and college/university.
For an award or honor, please include the specific name and sponsoring organization.

Questions? Contact [Danielle Handlogten, Upper School Teacher / Alumni Communications, at].

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