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Tuition & Financial Assistance

Investing in your child’s future today can make a difference tomorrow. SouthLake Christian graduates are ready not only to advance their education but to make a difference in whatever field of study they pursue. As a school, we are committed to making a SouthLake Christian education affordable and accessible.



Our mission at SouthLake Christian is to provide affordable and quality Christian education. When families have limited resources, financial aid can help them provide their children with an excellent Christian education. Those who require financial assistance are therefore encouraged to apply for financial aid based on need.

SouthLake Christian tuition supports an unparalleled education, providing students with access to dedicated teachers, small classes, and an expansive range of academic and extracurricular activities. Some expenses are not reflected in the annual tuition.

SouthLake Christian is contracted with FACTS, an online tuition management program. FACTS will analyze all financial aid requests on behalf of the school. 

We have high expectations when it comes to what we want for our kids – Southlake has been worth the investment and continues to help be the place we need given the crazy world we live in now.  

Steve Stone

2024-25 Tuition

There is an annual review of tuition prices and an update is made each year.

Grade  Tuition
Junior Kindergarten $10,600
Kindergarten $12,200
Grades 1-4 $13,400
Grades 5-6 $13,900
Grades 7-8 $14,600
Grades 9-12 $15,900



Financial Assistance

Every family’s financial situation is unique. We recommend those who feel they need help bridging the gap between the published tuition and what they can afford to pay, apply for financial assistance. The process is confidential and is based on demonstrated financial need.

SouthLake Christian Academy desires to provide affordable and quality Christian education. This academic year, 14% of students are receiving financial assistance.

Applying for Financial Assistance 

 Those require financial assistance are encouraged to apply for need-based with the Business Office

Financial Assistance Application

 Visit FACTS to complete applications for financial aid. Applications are due no later than August 1, 2024.

NC K-12 Programs

Families should visit the NCSEAA website to view information regarding the NC K12 programs; paying for college, etc.