Continuous Enrollment

Each year, more than 93% of eligible students return to SouthLake Christian Academy to continue their education. In recognition of the long-term commitment of our school families, SouthLake utilizes continuous enrollment to provide a convenient way for families to remain enrolled in school year after year with minimal paperwork.



Important enrollment dates to remember

January 1 – SLCA announces tuition rates and any other changes to our tuition contracts for the coming academic year. Annual tuition increases average less than 4%.

January 15 – Financial aid applications open. Aid awards are limited so families are encouraged to apply early. The maximum award SouthLake offers to qualified applicants is 70%.

February 1 – Deadline to notify us if you want to opt out of paying your $500 enrollment fee by auto-draft on February 15. If you do not plan to return to SLCA for the upcoming academic year, or if you plan to change your payment plan or payment dates, please notify our business office by this date.

February 15 – Enrollment fees are auto-drafted or paid manually to secure your spot at SLCA for the coming academic year. Non-payment may forfeit your seat if there are students on a waiting list for your grade. Financial aid recipients may pay their enrollment fees in increments ($200 on February 15, $150 on March 15, and $150 on April 15). Families with more than 2 students at SLCA may pay enrollment fees for two students on this date, and then roll additional enrollment fees into their tuition payments.

March 1 – Enrollment fees increase to $600 for those who have not yet paid (subject to available space).

March 31 – Deadline to withdraw for the coming academic year without financial penalty.

April 1 – Enrollment fees increase to $700 for those who have not yet paid (subject to available space). Enrolled families become responsible for 20% of tuition for the coming school year. Families become responsible for an additional 10% of tuition at the beginning of each subsequent month through December.

May 15 – Deadline to pay tuition in full and receive a 2% discount.

June 10 or 20 – Tuition payments begin for those paying monthly.

August 1 – Deadline to apply for financial aid.