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Mission & Values

SouthLake Christian aims to prepare students to be devoted followers of Christ, impactful leaders, continuous learners, and model citizens.


At SouthLake Christian, our mission goes beyond academic excellence. We strive to nurture devoted followers of Christ who embody Christian values in every aspect of their lives. Through daily chapel services, Bible studies, and community service projects, students grow spiritually and develop a strong moral compass.

We focus on cultivating impactful leaders who can make a positive difference in the world. Our leadership programs, such as the Student Mission Fellowship, Leadership Council and leadership retreats, provide students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

Our commitment to fostering continuous learners is evident in our rigorous academic curriculum and emphasis on critical thinking. We encourage students to be curious, ask questions, and seek knowledge beyond the classroom.

SouthLake Christian aims to develop model citizens who contribute to their communities and the world. Through various service-learning projects and community outreach programs, students learn the importance of empathy, responsibility, and civic engagement. 


Our Mission

SouthLake Christian Academy exists for the sake of God's glory and mission; proclaiming the gospel, educating and discipling the whole person in all aspects of God's reality.


Our Vision

That Christ may be preeminent in all things (Colossians 1:18).


Our Core Values

Standards and expectations are the guideposts for success at SouthLake Christian Academy. Our students learn to embrace the school’s core values of Respect, Integrity, Kindness, and Joy while pursuing academic excellence. By living these values, SouthLake Christian students prepare themselves for a fulfilling life of meaning and purpose.


To take into consideration the knowledge, opinions, and skills of others as people created in the image of God.


To be honest and take responsibility for our decisions every day.


To receive and respond to others with cheerful goodness.


To have an internal gladness dependent on who Jesus is rather than what is happening around us.