School Board


James Smith, Chair

James Smith is a mechanical engineer, veteran of the Navy, and manager at the McGuire nuclear power plant. He is married to Lauren and they have three children, all three of whom will be attending the Academy this fall. James has served as Church/School Treasurer and a Ruling Elder of SouthLake Church where his family has been attending since 2007. They feel very blessed to continue being a part of this ministry.

Mark Clark

Mark Clark is an Elder at SouthLake Presbyterian Church. He was raised in a military family that settled in North Carolina. He married his high school sweetheart, Kim, 42 years ago.  They have 11 children, eight of whom graduated from SouthLake. Their oldest daughter Hailey taught at Southlake for ten years. Mr. Clark has been in government service for 38 years working for the FAA, currently as a District Manager. He is responsible for 15 air traffic facilities in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. He plans to retire at the end of this year.

Shannon Kline

Shannon Kline has been a SouthLake parent for 14 years. She and her husband Joey have one son who graduated in 2019 and two remaining sons at the school. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UNCC and currently owns and operates two business franchises. Over the years, she has served in several volunteer capacities at SouthLake and looks forward to what the future holds for SouthLake Christian and its students. She is serving her first year as a board member.

Tracy Helms

Tracy Helms and her husband Chris have three boys who have all attended SouthLake Christian since Junior Kindergarten.  She has a master’s degree in counseling and has worked in mental health care with both children, teens, and adults before becoming a stay at home mom.  She has served as a Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Board member for the past eight years, as well as a school volunteer in many capacities.  She feels blessed to be a part of SouthLake Christian and looks forward to seeing how God continues to work through the school. She is serving her first year as a board member.

Sam Mount

Sam Mount and his wife Kaye have been blessed with seven children and seven grandchildren. They have been members of Southlake Presbyterian Church for 18 years. Sam currently serves as a church elder and believes strongly in the authority and veracity of the Bible as the authority for the faith and practice of all believers. He has worked with IBM for 18 years, currently serving as a Client Executive. He is serving his first year as a board member.

Sholeh Kornegay

Sholeh Kornegay is the founder and President of a life sciences consulting firm that has been recognized locally and nationally for consecutive years of accelerated growth. Sholeh and her husband Marcus have one daughter and one son at Southlake. She has been active in a variety of volunteer roles within the SouthLake community for almost 10 years, most recently including our Strategic Planning Task Force and the Parent Teacher Fellowship. Sholeh is serving her first year as board member.

Nikki Ratchford 

Nikki is married to her husband of 12 years, Matt. They have two children. The Ratchford’s have been members of Southlake Church for 7 years, where Matt serves as a Deacon and they are actively involved in ministry to others. Nikki grew up in Marion, North Carolina and moved to Charlotte after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Majoring in Marketing) at Western Carolina University. Nikki currently is a Business Development Manager for KI Commercial Furniture and Architectural Wall.  Nikki also owns a small Christian Clothing Line, that she enjoys working with, in her spare time. Nikki and her family enjoy boating, hiking, traveling and spending time together. She is excited to serve the Lord in this role, along with the children, parents and staff at Southlake Christian Academy.