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COVID-19 Safety Plan

2021 Covid-19 Safety Plan Document 

Updated: Sunday, October 24, 2021

When the 7-day percent positive rate drops to 5% or lower in Mecklenburg County, mask use for all students and employees will become optional. Masks may still be required in large group settings. Because we have often seen positive cases following holidays, we may ask students to mask for two days following a holiday to get us past the 48-hour contact tracing window. Students should also be prepared to mask if there is an outbreak at SouthLake or if community transmission spikes again. We will tighten or relax our protocols as conditions warrant. We will also support fully those students or employees who choose to continue to wear a mask on our campus. All other safety protocols (surface cleaning, contact tracing, and quarantine) will remain in place. We will be watching the 7-day percent positive rate closely in the days to come, hoping and praying for continued good news.

In recent days, some have asked about possible vaccine mandates for next academic year. While it appears federal OSHA regulations could force our hand with employees, we do not plan to require a COVID vaccine for students for next academic year (2022-2023) unless we are required by law to do so, something highly unlikely. While there is abundant evidence to show that COVID vaccines are safe and effective, we believe there are too many complex variables in play to make them a requirement for students next year. We will discuss the issue in more detail later as this email is already too long.

Throughout the pandemic, our strategy has been to follow the best professional health advice and data available to us, and we believe these plans cohere with that strategy. The past three months have been the most challenging of the pandemic, not only in terms of managing COVID, but also responding to disparate opinions about how we manage COVID. We are keenly aware that every decision we make brings both cheers and jeers. We will continue to listen to all feedback and stay on mission, doing our best to keep school open and our people safe.