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Lower School Missions

Community Service plays an important role in the life of the Lower School students at SouthLake Christian Academy.

We believe community service is an excellent way to train our students to become active and giving Christians. Our Lower School students K-6th have a specific grade level ministry that takes them into the local community each month to share Christ's love. Our students have a true missionary heart by singing at nursing homes, obtaining and delivering food to the local food pantries, getting clothing for the poor and raising money for bibles in Iran or funds for the Peruvian Street boys.

The mission minded philosophy is a very impressive component for our lower school students. When students raise money for an important cause, they are encouraged to earn this money themselves (e.g. by doing chores at home). We encourage them to take responsibility for the money they earn and raise. This facilitates them growing and developing a missionary heart that reaches out to others

"...We are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ." II Corinthians 10:5

"The Mission of SouthLake Christian Academy is twofold. The first is to assist the Christian family by providing an education marked by a biblical worldview, academic excellence and affordability so that students are equipped to be salt and light for God's glory. The second is evangelical in scope, to present God's Word and biblical worldview daily to non-believers with the promise of God's redemptive plan, to be a force and voice for Jesus Christ that will resonate throughout non-believing families."