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Standardized Testing


SouthLake Christian Academy administers achievement tests to our students yearly. The particular test administered varies by grade level. SouthLake's overall achievement scores continue to be higher than other schools in the area and with respect to other top private college preparatory schools in the US.

The PSAT/ACT are tests that are widely known and administered throughout the US. Most parents, however, are unfamiliar with the ERB CTP-4 test. The CTP-4 is a rigorous achievement test published by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB). This test is only administered by the top 10% of all school's nationally (for the most part only private, college preparatory schools).

Previously SouthLake administered the Stanford Achievement Tests in grades 2 – 8. SouthLake students consistently averaged 40% higher than the national norm on the Stanford Achievement Tests. SouthLake transitioned to the ERB CTP-4 test in 2009.

SouthLake is only one of two private schools in the area that administers this rigorous test. The CTP is very time-consuming and costly but yields a wealth of information and is an invaluable tool as we review each student's progress and simultaneously evaluate and assess SouthLake's overall programs and effectiveness. It is important to keep in mind that achievement tests results are evaluated with two overriding goals:

  1. Provide an objective basis to evaluate a student's performance in light of already known indicators of success such as measured overall ability and achieved classroom grades,
  2. Assess the overall effectiveness of SouthLake's program including curriculum, scope, sequence, as well as the effectiveness of our teaching staff.

We are pleased that SouthLake students' overall achievement scores are extraordinarily higher with respect to other top college preparatory private schools in the US that participate in the CTP-4. This is a testament to our teaching staff as we are able to perform at this level with a tuition structure that is at least 40% below private schools in our area. It is also an indication that our student body continues to maximize their abilities as we all strive for academic excellence.

Generally, a 100% of our graduates pursue their education beyond the secondary level and have been admitted into the nations' top public and private universities including: The US Air Force Academy, the US Military Academy at West Point, the US Naval Academy, Yale, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, Davidson, Wake Forest, Virginia and many more.

The results of national standardized tests are indicative of our students success. SouthLake students also earn top honors in such national academic competitions as the National Language Arts Olympiad, Word Masters, American Classical League's National Latin Exam and Math Olympics. Many of our students qualify to participate in the Duke University Talent Identification Program.


For understanding the CTP Score Report of your student:



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